In Charlotte and around the country anti-choice zealots set up their terrorist campaign 6-days a week around women's clinics. Anti-choice protesters try to intimidate or harass anyone who provides or uses services at reproductive health clinics. During clinic defense, volunteers counter these atrocities performed by the anti-choice protesters’ so the clinic remains open and accessible for ALL women. The primary focus is on the patients and helping them get to their scheduled appointment on time. This is accomplished by holding signs and directing them through the gauntlet of shame. Our local clinic of focus is located at 3220 Latrobe Dr Charlotte, NC 28211.

Clinic Defense Hours:

Monday :         9:15am–12pm
Tuesday :         9:15am–12pm
Wednesday :    9:15am–12pm
Thursday :       9:15am–12pm
Friday :           9:15am–12pm
Saturday:        7:30am-1pm

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