No Regrets

I was 23 and my birth control, though taken regularly, failed me. I was pregnant and living below the poverty line with an unemployed, unstable, and abusive partner. I was able to get a test and ultrasound at a rate I could afford and I had caught on early enough that I had to wait to schedule my appointment. The ladies called and checked on me several days after and then several days before my abortion appointment. I can't tell you how grateful and lucky I am to have the freedom to choose when and if to have children. I knew the statistics about impoverished children and I couldn't ethically put one more kid in that position because there's not much support for these babies once they're born. The experience was a chance at a new beginning and they helped me find a gynecologist to put in an IUD for me. I'm now a happy and healthy 29 year old who never has regretted doing what I feel is right for me.



PC Charlotte